Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:
What a good day! I went to get some prints done and they came out beautifully so I got quite a bit printed so I'll have them available when they sell. That will take a lot of stress off of me trying to get them printed and shipped off within 3 days. There is a post office very close to my school so that there will be fantastic, I'll be able to ship on the way to school. Sigh, I love it when things are efficient. : D

I got the two new images I've just finished printed and I'm really liking how they turned out. I'll be listing them soon as well as prints I developed myself in the darkroom! How exciting. Even though I'm afraid of the dark, I still love doing my own printing. It's very satisfying to have a hand in every step of the finished print. And I can make them turn out just how I want and just love the feeling of control and accomplishment I get from it. I'll be back in the darkroom very soon I hope, school starts back up on the 3rd.


Nate's Wife said...

Hi etsy ring neighbor! I love your blog! And it is sad, but so true about the swarovsky..I love these crystals for their super sparkle, but they are not a good baby treat...Luckily I have two boys, so there is no temptation to sparkle them up.

Anonymous said...

I love your Blog!!

Memory said...

Thanks a lot guys! : )