Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A photo bag!

Okay so I'm pretty excited. I found this bag at the Dollar store. That's right, it cost me $1.14 including tax. I'm going to take out those stock photos, put in three of my own prints, and then the fourth one will be a print that has my shop url on it, Genius! What a fantastic means of shameless self promotion. Maybe I'll even stick business cards in behind the photos to hand out to people who look at my bag. Hehehe.

So I sold some more beads on Etsy, I was happy. I really need to get around to listing what I have done. I have tons of beads & supplies, as well as photographs I developed myself in the darkroom, and several paintings I did a little while ago. I have to get at it.

I'm going back home to visit my family tomorrow night though, so I won't be able to ship anything until Monday or Tuesday. But it's worth it, I haven't been home for a while. Speaking of shipping, I have some bad karma going or something, because it absolutely poured today, the day I needed to go to the post office to ship things. It doesn't rain unless I need to leave the house.. : (

I've also been up to making a Squidoo page. Click here to see it. I also signed up for this Hits4Pay thing. Which a friend said actually works, so I'm hoping it does. If you want to try it out, definitely sign up through my referal link please!

Anyways, I suppose that's enough spamming for one night, he he he. Have a good one.


Pretty Fun said...

What an awesome idea!

Memory said...

Thanks. : )

BurningRubber said...

Hi, I just spotted your post and added you to my links :) Now I will have to take a better look at your blog. Thanks for the link :) Viki