Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today is not my day.

I have really been working hard lately on my business. I really want this to be a success, and I want to work towards a long term sustainable business that I will be able to run for a long time to come.

I have been keeping myself busy with making new illustrations, I have the tree one from my previous post now in a peach tone listed on my Etsy shop as well as a completely redone new Today is not my day, which is available in gold and teal as well.

I have also opened up a Dawanda shop here. It seems like a nice site so far, it's just taking a while to translate my listings into French (which I speak reasonably well) and German (which I couldn't tell you a single word of) Hey, scratch that, I know "kinder" as in kinder surprise or children or whatnot. Anyways, I do get a lot of buyers from the UK on Etsy, so it might be nice to have that shop there.

Well, it is much later than it should be and I have surface design class in the morning. (Yay!) I believe we are doing image transfers, so it should be quite interesting. I really love all the projects we've done so far, I really must photograph them and post about them here.

Goodnight, all.