Friday, December 7, 2007

Well hello there old friend, it's been a while, how have you been?

It has been absolutely crazy around here as of late and there are some huge changes in store for me: I am switching my major from photography to surface design! I am really excited about it, and it has been a long time coming. I'm really glad I decided this. I want to design fabric, and wall paper, and cards. The head of the studio seemed to really like my illustrations so I am just anxious to get started refining them. I think my Christmas break will involve a scanner and a pencil...

Anyways, so I have been getting into the holiday spirit, making cookies and very tiny toques for the Christmas tree. I'm going to write up a tutorial on how to make them, they're very cute and can be made with all recycled materials!

I've also decided that I am really going for the Buy Handmade Pledge and am going to have a fully handmade Christmas. I have busily been making up presents and will definitely show them off here after they have been given. (Wouldn't want to wreck any surprises of course.) I also plan on starting to post some of the items I've made here, I have sock monkies and painted silk scarves and jewelry and dyed yarn...all of which wait patiently in my room for a little attention. This blog will definitely start holding up it's MonicaMakesThings name in the near future.

Also, take a peek at this great blog, it's by Heather Bailey, a fabric designer whose style I really admire. Looking at her work has definitely helped me make my decision to switch, she is fantastic with colour.