Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sigh of Relief goes here.

It has been a really rough winter. I have lived in atlantic Canada my entire life, so I am pretty accustomed to a lot of cold and snow, but this winter has just been ridiculous. Since October I have been surrounded and caged in by snowbanks from 5 - 10 feet tall. It has snowed consistently several times a week, and has been bitter cold since fall.

So you might imagine my surprise and delight upon stumbling across these little guys here:

A shout out to the fellow in the bottom who hasn't quite figured out that it's Spring yet. I'm sure he'll catch on soon.

So when I saw these I just had to go home and get my camera to document the first flowers of Spring. I had a nice little chat with a very friendly lady to stopped at the same time I did to admire them. She had a little camera in her pocket and took some photos and chatted about my camera. (I have a dSLR, so I'm frequently stopped while I'm out by people asking if I'm a professional photographer, etc. I just tell them about the photo courses I took at school and whatnot.)

On a side note, isn't this an adorable roof?

As far as rooftops are concerned, I'd consider that a pretty darn cute one.

All in all, things are going very well. I'm just finishing up an application for a student entrepreneurship loan to start up a legit, legal, tax paying business this summer. I'm going to set up shop at local markets. I LOVE not working for other people, I'm a diy kind of gal.

So yes, have a good Friday everyone.