Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Loan approved!

My SEED business loan was approved! I am so excited. My loan papers are in the mail and will hopefully arrive sometime this week. Then I will take them into the bank and start getting all the supplies ready to get my business off the ground.

I'm really happy about this, it took weeks and weeks of putting it together, usually spending several hours a day researching, rethinking, and working out the problems.

I've been making a lot of jewelry while I wait to get my mirror making machine, but now it's really pulled me back towards what I really love doing, which is the jewelry. So I'm doing even more rethinking, it is so hard to choose which direction I want to go in.

Next time I go home to visit my family I might bring some jewelry into the market and see if the jewelry shop there would be interested in carrying it. I went there once before, when I was probably 16ish, and brought in some jewelry. It was pretty junky at the time, cheap wire, lots of spirals, ugly beads. But I was proud of it. They didn't accept it at the time, but I did sell a ton of it at school.

So that's pretty much how I've been spending my summer break thus far, making and listing jewelry. Oh, and I've also set up a new design blog that I've been spending a lot of time finding interesting things to feature. It is HERE if you want to take a peek. I might change up the layout on this blog to something similar to that one, now that I think of it..

Have a great day!