Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hey there. New Year's always really jump starts and motivates me to improve myself. This year I want to focus on several areas. Most of all I really want to buckle down and build up my business. The past couple months have been good, I have been putting more effort into finding new venues to sell my items. I've done a couple craft shows, sold at the farmer's market several times, and got my mirrors into a local shop. Now is the time to really build up my etsy shop. I'm putting the prints into the jewelry shop, and I will be adding mirrors. I'm also excited to start making up some pendants and other small gifty items.

Tonight I've been a busy bee, made a new banner, and listed several new items. Once I get my shop in full gear I'll start getting organized and working on my promotional efforts. I really need to get an advertising budget too, haha, or else how will anyone ever find my little shop?