Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Busy Busy

Oh my. It seems like I've been going nonstop the passed few days. I went on a great roadtrip where we explored several wonderful seaside towns with entire streets just filled with unique little gift shops. I got the business cards of several of them. I'd really like to work on getting my work into gift shops in the somewhat near future. I think I'm going to focus all of my energy on making new illustrations. The above one is something I've been working on for a few days now, I just can't figure out exactly how I'd like it.

I've also gotten a contract with HeyPrettyCupcake so that is exciting. My illustrations will be available on different products there. It's also motivated me to come up with plenty of new ideas, all of which I will be working on very soon.

I sold my first item on Etsy! I was so surprised and happy when I saw it. It's been shipped off and will hopefully arrive at it's new home soon. I've been having a great time chatting with other sellers in the forums, and have discovered some great new shops too. Hopefully I'll have several new prints to list in the next week or so.

Anyways, have a great day to anyone who may be reading this. I'm still looking for other links to fellow etsy bloggers. Bye!


Cathy said...

welcome to the land of etsy and blogging! your picture looks great! all the best!

{Jenna Lou Loves You} said...

Hey there! Thanks for adding me to your list and for commenting on my blog... I've also added you to my blog list.


Memory said...

Thanks a lot both of you. : )