Monday, August 6, 2007


So. I made little progress on the cleaning of my apartment. It's going to take years to get this baby cleaned. Sigh. In happier news, I sold a painting on Etsy! I was really excited, it was only listed for a day before selling. It is always so satisfying when someone likes what you enjoy making.

I tried to ship it today, but of course, since I live in my own little bubble, had no idea that it is a provincial holiday, so the post office was closed. I'm really glad I slacked off on putting out resumes today, I got mostly ready and then decided to go tomorrow. I would have been sooo disappointed to put in the work of looking good for nothing. :p

I listed beads like crazy today. I'm trying to support my bead habit by selling off ones I don't think I'll use. I hope they go to loving homes who make them into beautiful things.

I really want a nice piece of fresh fruit. Random, I know. But man, a nice piece of fruit can really make me feel so content and healthy. I think I will go hit up that nectarine I've been anxiously waiting to ripen...