Thursday, October 4, 2007

I am still alive, I promise!

I have been crazy busy with schoolwork and trying to build a jewelry business. Plus I was out of town for a week due to a very sad event. : (

But onwards and upwards, this weekend is Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to a delicious and gigantic plate of mashed potatoes and all the fixings. (Potatoes have always been my favorites.)

I really need to stop buying on Etsy, I am spending much more than I am making. Speaking of which, check out my new destash store for some neato things. The plus side to buying destash beads is that there won't usually be nearly as many of them on Etsy as with the super popular beads, and you can buy them in small quantities at a cheaper price than what was paid for originally.
Hopefully the many jewelry supplies currently in the mail to me will arrive safe and sound soon so I can really get this thing going before the Christmas shopping ends. I am so excited! I've been designing and making up prototypes and spending hours just looking at beads on Etsy, which my boyfriend finds quite strange sadly. Yesterday I got some great props for photographing my pieces, as seen above. I'm really happy with them, I might put together a little ebook or pdf of photographing items to list on Etsy.
I also want to get back into blogging and start featuring some other Etsy sellers. So check back soon, I will be posting often once again.
Take care!


Toni Marie said...

great photography!

tabitha said...

best of luck with your shop, its so fun selling on etsy :)

Memory said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. :D