Friday, October 19, 2007

Well hello there. I am having a nice relaxing evening making some jewelry. I just finished a piece with shiny and oxidized sterling, rainbow moonstone, and labradorite. I am absolutely thrilled with it, I will take some photos tomorrow, it is too dark to take a nice one tonight. My sequins earrings (above) are doing well, I have two orders for custom colored ones to work on this weekend, and a necklace of a heart cut from sterling sheet. I have the heart all cut out and just need to finish sanding the edges. I'm waiting on some sterling chain too before I can send it out to it's new home. I plan on starting to list my jewelry on Etsy in the very near future, so look out for that.

I am submitting some prints to a juried show and sale at my school's art gallery. I really hope I am accepted, it would be really nice to get my work out there locally. It's just about everywhere else in the world except here.

School is just absolutely crazy busy, I have so much to finish for midterm next week. I will be a very busy girl this weekend. So with that, I should probably get back to my jewelry, I've got a thousand ideas bobbing around in my head, wouldn't want to forget them.

Have a good one,