Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A big ball of string.

I really love being done class at noon. It means I am up and about, which I wouldn't be if I didn't have any class, and so it leaves me with a whole afternoon to use as I see fit.

Today I wandered down to The Owl's Nest, a giant used book store, and found myself looking in the children's section for vintage storybooks. I always find these things so inspiring for my own illustrations, and they really motivate me to create. One little jewel I found was "A Big Ball Of String", a 1958 tale of a boy who just wants to unwind string, even if it is his mother's knitting. After I read through the book and check out the drawings, this will become my new journal for a surface design class I have.

My favorite find is definitely "Simon's Soup", just look at that gorgeous red patterned inside paper. I love it. The book is full of little sock monkey style illustrations in a poppy red and chartreuse color scheme. It would make for lovely notecards, but I don't think I could cut this book up, it's just too sweet.

I also dyed, and knit the hat that is peeking out from underneath it.

Also thought I'd throw that photo in of some silk I dyed this week in a pretty aqua shade, and the floorcloth I painted that accidently rather matches. I'm really loving the process of creating all these things lately, it's very relaxing and interesting to me.

Well, the afternoon holds many possibilities for me. Maybe I'll paint, or felt, or work on some illustrations I have been commissioned for. Or maybe I'll take a nap. Oh the surprise of it all! :P


suzanne said...

Found your blog while googling one of my favorite books --- A Big Ball of String. Beautiful blog you've got here!!