Thursday, January 17, 2008

A cozy scarf.

Wow I have had a very productive couple of days. Yesterday I started using illustration board and just love it. I drew a couple of illustrations on it and then did some details in watercolor, acrylic and gouache paint. I love the effect and think it will really add dimension and texture to my work. So far I've just got the one listed but I will hopefully have time to edit and list the other one today. I just love that chartreuse background, not sure if other people will though. My boyfriend thought it was a bit much, but I just went for it anyways, and followed my gut.

Today was one of those very few days each year where everything works out just perfect, and nature creates the most beautiful scene you could imagine. It happens so rarely, but it is just spectacular to see. When I came out of my house today, all the trees were just covered in a glassy sheet of ice, and the softest, fluffiest snowflakes were stuck to them. They almost look like these rock candy stick things I used to eat as a kid.

I was already running really late for school as I had slept in, but I just had to run back and grab my camera. Especially since a good friend of mine has never seen this before, and I had just mentioned it the night before. It's always so quick to fade too, I took these at 10 am, and by lunch it was gone.

It's just amazing in real life, photographs can't do it justice. It's like actually experiencing magic. The fluffy snowflakes were also catching in the wind and slowing flittering down to the ground all around me like glitter. The sun gleams through them like diamonds. It's just beautiful.

I hope you all get to experience this some day in your lives.