Friday, January 25, 2008

Lily pad Beret.

It is yet another long weekend. I finished all the mandatory items on my previous to do list, but unfortunately not all the artsy things I wanted to get done. I did make some jewelry though, and am liking them. Hopefully it will be bright enough out tomorrow to photograph them and list them on Etsy.

I've been working on this illustration for the past few hours:

I'm not sure if it's done, or if I even like it yet. I just can't tell. I think I need to sleep on it and then make last minute changes perhaps. Sigh, my sister thought that it was a picture of me when I was a kid and accidently cut the end of my nose off. Hmm...that can't be good. I just like those noses that are kind of angular on the end. Mine is really round, and I always wanted a different one.

So I guess we will see.

PS - my nose was reattached and looks completely normal now. I promise.

Okay, I am back now a few minutes later, and I whipped up this version:

It was actually meant just as a joke for my sister, it looks like her, whereas the other one looks a lot like me as a kid. I kind of like the colors in this, maybe I will offer it as both.