Saturday, January 19, 2008

To do

I just found out some very good/terrible news. A shop just opened right on my way to school that sells ooodles of vintage glass and lucite beads, as well as sterling jewelry supplies. Oh no. My poor little credit card is just a shakin'. * must control spending *

This weekend, which is a long one, as are all my weekends, (I LOVE having Mondays off) I really need to get some work done, so I thought I would make a list, and then as I finish things off it, I can post photos of them. Maybe this will get me off of my bum and keep me accountable, who knows.


1. CLEAN! - The house needs it, desperately. DONE.
2. Find the following items while cleaning: cardstock package, chucks, headpins that went missing..
3. Paint at least 2 small paintings.
4. Make at least 3 cards.
5. Ship off print. Done.
6. Felt 3 sheets for homework. Done.
7. Finish abstract landscape homework. Done.
8. Watch bladerunner for history class.
9. Complete custom illustration work. Done.
10. Create at least 2 new illustrations, and plan out ideas for others.
11. Felt at least 3 beads.
12. Organize surface design tools and supplies in plastic case. DONE.