Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A long day.

Hi there. I am very sleepy but thought I would make a quick post. I've been having a bit of difficulty photographing my new pendants, I just couldn't seem to get them to "say" what I wanted to. So then I was suddenly struck with the idea to set up a whole little environment for them, and I think they are just a ton better. What do you think? They are a bit busy but I think they will at least stand out in the Etsy listings hopefully.

Oh, here's one of the original shots for comparison:

The new ones are way better right?


Emilia said...
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Emilia said...

I like both versions - the collage seems like it would be and eye-catcher to draw people to the shop and then the simple photo shows nice detail.

Memory said...

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Jasmin said...

I love the photo with the created environment. Gives the piece a lot more warmth.

Memory said...

Thanks Jasmin, I think so too. :)