Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion.

Today, whilst walking to school I saw a hurt pidgeon crouching in the corner of a storefront. I worried about him all day not knowing what I could do to help, but then found out that the store owner was taking care of him and giving him bread. When I left school he was gone. Since I can't know otherwise, I am assuming the best, that he was able to fly off and join his fellow bread loving comrades. So pidgeon, should you be an avid blog reader, as I know many pidgeons are computer savvy, I wish you a full recovery.

So after that little bit of worry today, I spent the afternoon making and listing some pendants. Here are a couple of them. If you like them, be sure to check out my Etsy shop. If you hate them, then please let me know why, as I am very much interested in feedback.