Saturday, May 24, 2008

Now on Myspace!

As you can see from the above screenshot, I have started up a myspace page. I'll be putting lots of photos there, some news in the Paper Pattern Silk business, and maybe even some special deals for myspace friends. I spent the better part of the day fiddling around with it trying to make it look pretty, and adding Etsy users who've posted in the MASSIVELY HUGE (we're talking like 119 pages here) thread in the Etsy forums with their links. It's going to take a while, I think I'm on page 37 or so now. I'd love it if you'd add me to your myspace, my page is

The rest of the day I spent making some jewelry. I'm oxidizing them right now as I type so I can photograph and list them tomorrow. I am so in love with oxidized silver. I love it's high contrast and organic feel. It's really hard to not just oxidize it all since I like the look so much, but I'm trying to appeal to different tastes in my shop, so I've got to restrain myself. At least a bit, I'm thinking there is going to be quite a bit of oxidization going on.

Oh well.


Aleda said...

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